Smiling Goat Ranch | We are using horses and small social animals to help people with autism and veterans with PTSD.
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Smiling Goat Ranch uses horses and
small social animals to help people with
autism and veterans with PTSD in a healing environment.

Our non-profit has a simple mission: to bring the healing effects of horses, movement, nature and supportive community to autism families, veterans with PTSD, children and adults with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and related conditions free of charge.


Veteran Quote After Visit to Smiling Goat:

“I felt calm and relaxed after the sensory work with the horses and was able to clear my thoughts and be 100% present and open to the experience. I think there’s an awesome opportunity here for vets to learn more about nature via horseback – since the healing power of nature has already been revealed to us. I felt clarity up on that horse, I also slept REALLY well that night when I returned home.”

“This Ranch is a place where I have seen my child’s courage, competence and communication skills blossom. Visits here give me the  opportunity to see my child through the eyes of a team who believe in him and value him. And a bonus surprise for me – I have have been able to examine my own feelings as a special needs parent and feel healing, hope and optimism for myself!”

– Anonymous Parent