Clinically Proven Program

Our clinically proven program puts those with neuropsychiatric conditions like PTSD, autism, anxiety, and depression into a healing environment with service horses and small social animals. In these sessions, specific movements activate the cerebellum and prefrontal cortex, helping our riders achieve fine and gross motor skills and gain emotional regulation and reasoning. Our neurocognitive approach is not designed for regular therapeutic riding serving physical disabilities but is specifically for neuropsychiatric conditions. We are all about the brain and how to repattern the brain by reducing the cell danger response in cadenced rhythms and activating the frontal lobe. Sessions are customized to each person prior to their arrival – teaching children and adults through horses, movement, and the natural environment. The six stages of the SGR program are outlined below:

Stage 1: Set up the right natural environment to ensure no bad sensory triggers, trust and tribe, and demonstrate we are working with a unit of familiar people

Stage 2: Work directly on sensory issues body-to-body on the horse to calm anxiety

Stage 3: Ride with the child/adult to create the rhythms that aid communication

Stage 4: Perspective-Taking and Rule-Based Games on Horseback to re-pattern the brain

Stage 5: Academics on horseback (yes you can teach math while riding!)

Stage 6: Self Advocacy: when the child/adult is ready, get them to teach us about their interests to help them find their voice and begin to think about livelihood, job, and future.